Born as an idea in 1984 by Alasdair Macgregor that resulted in research after traveling in Africa, the Desert Bloom Organisation was created. In 1993, the UNEP advised Macgregor to set up the Foundation to allow funding of the project to be provided. The Desert Bloom Foundation was setup in the same year in Perth, Scotland.

On returning from a trip to Eritrea in 1994, the company AirAim DB Ltd was setup in London, to help seek funding from the City or other appropriate funding agencies to develop the technology involved.

Until now no progress has been made, in part because until recently, the constituent materials required to develop a prototype were not mature enough and without a working prototype, it has been very difficult to interest potential investors to finance the business venture.

Recently, the Wolfson Centre for Materials Processing at Brunel University, Uxbridge, London, led by Dr. Karnik Terverdi, has advised Macgregor that they now have confidence that a working prototype can be developed given sufficient R&D funding.

This site is intended to describe the project and how the project will operate, along with a details of the technology used, thus encouraging possible investors.

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